When Fortune tabs you as the #5 Best Workplace in Retail for 2015, you’re on to something good.

This week Xero Gravity host Elizabeth Ü chats with Anthony Bucci, Founder & CEO of online motorcycle retailer RevZilla. Anthony’s passion for hiring the right person is undeniable. He shares his learnings from those first handful of hires made at RevZilla and offers invaluable insight into how to grow your best team.

“The cost of the mis-hire for team progress — business opportunity cost and impact, the right fit and the right skill set — is paramount. We have to be insane about getting the right people on the bus,” says Anthony. It’s time to implement a stringent and detailed hiring process in order to help your company become its best version yet.

It all starts with hiring people who share your vision and passion. Does your team know what does and doesn’t work in business, have a strong sense of themselves, and know what brings them joy?

“You see all these things that paint a picture, not only of what work someone’s done, but really who they are. And what ends up happening is that no one can lie for four hours,” Anthony says.

Tune in to hear Anthony break down the entire Top Grading process, what Zappos taught him, and what Navy Seal training, “fire in motion” and RevZilla’s “beer test” have to do with it all.

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