About Us

Leave your gumboots at the door when you pop in to ROVA Chartered Accountants, because we know what it's like to run a farm or rural business

Farming runs through the veins of director Andrew Vallance who owns his own farm and has wide-ranging knowledge of the rural sector.

Whatever business you want to succeed in, ROVA can assist you. From bookkeeping through to planning for succession, the team at ROVA has the history, experience and qualifications required to assist you in running a successful business, building a family trust or investing sensibly to ensure a bright future for your loved ones.


Part of the social fabric of Masterton, ROVA Chartered Accountants can trace their history back to 1958, when John Roseingrave first established his accountancy business J M Roseingrave.

in 2000, Andrew Vallance purchased the business from John and three years later he formed Roseingrave & Vallance, shortened to ROVA to save paper.

Today ROVA staff have put in 100 years continuous service between them. This experience and their knowledge and integrity guarantee a very high level of service and a deep understanding of your business.

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