We have scoured the marketplace to bring you the five best Xero apps of 2018. From reporting software to time management applications, we’ve covered a wide variety of apps designed to make your life easier.

These apps function globally and offer customer support regardless of your timezone.


AutoEntry does what it says on the tin. It eliminates the need for manual data entry of invoices, receipts, and statements for accountants, bookkeepers, and small businesses. The automation means more time can be spent on growing your business rather than deciphering your colleague’s terrible handwriting. Is that a ‘5’ or a ‘3’? Trust us, we’ve been there.

Operating with speed and precision, AutoEntry operates across a secure platform to grant you peace of mind at all times. So, whether your data is complex or simple, AutoEntry can withstand the headache that you will soon be free of forever. AutoEntry is one of the most popular solutions in the space and aims to provide swift and efficient data management for you and your business.


Float is an award-winning cash flow forecasting app that allows you to predict the effect of different decisions on your business, monitor your cash and produce beautiful reports. This Xero add-on provides a visual, accurate, and intuitive cash flow forecasting service thanks to its robust integration with Xero.

With over 120 five star reviews on the Xero marketplace, Float certainly is one of the best Xero apps of 2018. The integration with Xero cuts out the need for manual data entry, resulting in increased accuracy, an always up to date forecast and an average time saving of 8 hours per month for its customers. Float offers cash flow forecasting software that is simple to set up and easy for you to understand.

The beauty of Float lies in the fact that it pulls in amounts and expected dates from bills and invoices from Xero, and uses them to populate your forecast. This means that your forecast is extremely accurate in the short to medium term, giving you insight into exactly when money is leaving and entering your business. Don’t drown in spreadsheets; get on board with Float.


Hubdoc believes in a paperless world. Whilst this reality may not be too close at hand Hubdoc are certainly making huge strides towards their goal. It’s bookkeeping, without the books. Hubdoc automatically imports all of your financial documents and allows you to turn them into data that you can use. It extracts financial information from any bill, invoice, or receipt. Automatically making your life easier.

Hubdoc is one of the most popular accounting apps on the Xero marketplace. With the ability to keep track of your finance documents in real-time, Hubdoc enables that work life balance to tip in your favour.

You can also view all historical documents that are stored in one secure place online which means that you’ll never be searching for that coffee-stained invoice ever again! Allow Hubdoc to give you your time back. Spend more time running your business, not chasing paperwork.


Tradify is an app that allows for an automatic and systematic analysis of workflow for small businesses. It enables you to track every job from initial quote to invoice. It prioritises and categorises jobs depending on what’s due, what’s next, and what’s overdue. It’s the nicest manager you’ve ever worked with.

Working on a system that is visible to your whole team, this Xero integration is a complete overview of your entire workload. From eliminating the need for manual data entry to time tracking and scheduling, Tradify works not only with you but for you. Tradify not only saves you time but gives you real-time visibility of your workload.


MinuteDock is the financial diary you always wanted. Carrying around a bulky and tattered diary is not only inconvenient but, let’s be honest, it’s pretty bad for your back. By investing in MinuteDock you’re doing good things for your stress levels, your body, and your business. Describing itself as a “loveable time tracking software”, we’re tempted to agree.

The ability to keep track of your schedule at the touch of a button is crucial to the running of a business. You can finally take your eye off of the clock and focus on what’s right in front of you. It automatically generates your invoices through its integration with Xero. Meaning that you’ll never have to worry about manually inputting data again. MinuteDock is for everyone. Used by accountants and lawyers, freelancers and consultants, you’re in good company when you choose MinuteDock.

The apps listed above are some of the best available on the marketplace today. All of them have you and your business needs in mind. Whether you’re using them for eradicating manual data entry, for organising your life, for future-proofing your finances, or simply to optimise your payment systems, they’re all designed to help you help yourself.