Brewery inventory management can be done in a variety of ways. Often, companies will rely on a combination of methods, including web apps, written notes and spreadsheets.

These processes can become troublesome, however, especially in larger breweries with multiple departments.

A singular, streamlined method for brewery inventory management can be much more efficient and effective. Cloud inventory software can help brewery managers to easily oversee stock levels and information so that they can make productive decisions. Below, we examine exactly how cloud inventory software can make inventory management a breeze for breweries.

Reduce Costs and Wastage

Cloud-based inventory systems allow you to monitor raw materials from the time you receive them to the moment they are sold as a finished beverage. This allows you full oversight of the entire process, and this way you can get an understanding of how best to reduce production costs.

Being aware of the whereabouts and condition of raw materials also allows you to estimate the best times for replenishing stock. This can help prevent the accumulation of expired items, which in turn will avoid the costly issue that is excess or obsolete stock.

Keeping track of raw materials throughout the production process manually and through liaising with multiple departments at once can cause confusion. In this situation, you may end up over-ordering or under-ordering stock, which can have huge knock-on effects in terms of productivity and profitability.


A reliable cloud-based inventory system will allow you to see the cost of every individual ingredient that goes into your beverages. This way, you can come up with sales prices for each finished product that adequately offsets production costs and helps boost your profit margins.

This includes enabling you to track bottles, kegs and barrels, as well as expiry dates of raw materials. Again, this will allow you to determine accurate pricing for finished products that best accounts for production and ordering costs. Lastly, having this knowledge will allow you to be proactive in keeping informed of regulatory compliance requirements.

Brewery Inventory Management in Real-Time

Cloud-based inventory systems are particularly useful for brewery inventory management because they put real-time inventory details at your fingertips. This means that information about stock numbers, sales margins, stock conditions and sales trends can be accessed immediately. This negates the need to conduct time -consuming searches through piles of paper notes, warehouses or spreadsheets, or the need to contact other departments.

Not only does this help you to manage inventory more efficiently, but it will also mean better customer service. If a customer calls or emails in about the details of a specific product, for instance, you can quickly pull up the information on your computer, tablet or phone. Faster service improves customer satisfaction, and this can contribute to the retention of your customer base in general.

Accurate Recipe Information

Lastly, reliable cloud-based inventory systems are great for brewery inventory management, since they may allow you to review and make changes to recipes to ensure their quality. This way, you can allocate precise quantities for each recipe, ensuring the consistency of each batch.