This week on Xero Gravity, Xero’s very own Rod Drury joins us to divulge what inspires him as a leader. Rod knows all about the importance of thinking globally. A Hi-Tech New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year winner and stand-up paddleboard enthusiast, he joins Elizabeth Ü in studio to discuss the parallels between Tesla’s plan to make the world better, and how small businesses can innovate and grow beyond their community.

“It’s really exciting for small businesses because exporting used to be about manufactured goods. Now we can use all of this great technology to export and to do commerce all over the world,” explains Rod.

“I love the tech industry. The thought that you could build something that sells while you’re sleeping, and doing something truly global has always been really exciting,” he adds.

“I just love that lots of businesses like banks just assume that life’s going to be the same that it’s been for the last 20 years. Tesla shows you that it’s absolutely not. So who would have thought that cars, that the car industry, would have been disrupted so quickly?”

Rod’s entrepreneurial fire blazes through this episode of Xero Gravity. Listen in for some serious inspiration from some of the greatest businessmen on the planet.