SEO. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking it’s a one-time thing. It turns out that investing in search engine optimization and content marketing is actually one of the most important facets of running your business. Long story short, if your business has a web presence, you need to know SEO.

This week on Xero Gravity, Rand Fishkin, SEO wizard and founder of Moz, talks about the importance of optimizing your website and how it’s changing with social and mobile.

Rand was once a small business owner himself. When Moz first got started, it took shape in the form of a “passion project” blog called SEO Moz – dishing on the latest SEO tips. Since then, Moz has grown to become one of the top resources for SEO education. Moz is also a leading inbound marketing and marketing analytics software provider.

“I would say for an overwhelming majority of businesses today, [online] search is a big part of how consumers find you and how they compare you against others,” Rand says.

“So many businesses and organizations relied on search traffic. On whether they could be found in search engines and whether they came up high in the rankings, as to whether they could be successful on the web. And if they couldn’t show up, if they didn’t rank highly, they were going to flounder and die while their competition thrived.”

– Rand Fishkin

Tune in to discover why you should invest in SEO and how you should get started.

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