I believe that a useful goal in marketing is to have people remember us positively. In other words we want them to be thinking and saying good things about our business as often as possible.

A simple way to do this is to ‘market with kindness’.

In other words, do small favours and unexpected kind things for people on a regular basis.

When you do this without any expectation of return it is surprising what can happen.

Here are some simple examples to get you thinking:

The kind gift from a nutritional supplement manufacturer:

In March 2012 I had a major accident on my bicycle after coming off at high speed down a hill. I broke a number of bones including 4 ribs, my collar bone and others.

And I was off work for a number of weeks while I mended.

About a week after my crash I got an unexpected parcel in the post from Tony Dowd the managing director of a nutritional supplement manufacturing business based in Nelson.

Tony sent me a lovely hand written note that said ‘Graham, I’m sorry to hear about your accident and wish you a speedy recovery. Here is a bottle of Asta Supreme which should help you as you mend. Just take 3 capsules a day. Best wishes. Tony.’

I checked out Tony’s website www.astasupreme.com and discovered that his firm had research that showed that Asta Supreme has excellent results in supporting cardiac health, healthy Cholesterol levels, joint health, eye and visual health, optimal skin health, and more.

I encouraged a few people I knew to try his product and here I am a year later telling my Herald readers about it as well. (All as a result of one small act of kindness from Tony.)

The kind gesture from a real estate owner:

Before my cycling accident I had the opportunity to meet with Paul Vujnovich the owner of Harvey’s Real Estate, Te Atatu Peninsula, Aucklandhttp://www.realestate.co.nz/profile/office/27012/agents

Paul runs one of the most successful residential real estate businesses in the country.

When he heard about my cycling accident he phoned me and said ‘Graham what can I do to help you? Can I drive you anywhere, pick up anything for you? What do you need help with?’

I was shocked at this because I knew how busy Paul was and I was not someone he had known for a long time.

Despite this he went out of his way to be nice to me.

And I am convinced that this attitude of looking for ways to help people and be kind to them is a key factor in the amazing success of Paul’s real estate business.

I’ve noticed in my own business that even a small kindness is really appreciated and remembered positively.

A good example is when I read a very helpful book earlier this year called ‘Flash Foresight’ by technology expert Daniel Burrus. www.burrus.com

I found ‘Flash Foresight’ to be one of the best business books that I had ever read and sent a short email recommending it all the subscribers on my email list.

I then sent an email to Daniel Burrus telling me that I had found his book useful and had suggested it some of my subscribers.

Within an hour I got a delightful message back from Daniel thanking me for my kind comments.

I was delighted at Daniel taking the time to send me a short note and it made me feel special.

Sometimes to start building a great relationship with someone you just need to start with a small act of kindness. And it’s surprising the positive impact this small gesture can have.