Five customers from 100 leads is huge. But what about the other 95 that started out interested? The answers lay in digital marketing.

This week, Xero Gravity host Elizabeth Ü chats to Michael Mothner, Founder & CEO of online marketing firm WPromote. He’ll bust digital marketing myths and provide solutions that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. We’ll also explore questions like, “We created a website, what now?” and “I get business from world of mouth, why do I need digital too?”

You’ll hear how vital a correct Google Maps listing, analytics and clear calls to action are. Plus, get answers to two more questions: “What happened with all of the visitors I got to my site, who didn’t buy? How can I change that?”

And of course, get the scoop on Michael’s mantra, hyped by Ad Age: Making Mondays Suck Less.

“It embodies our belief that if we love what we do and we do a great job, it’s going to bleed over. Our clients are going to see the fruits of it. Their Mondays aren’t going to suck and it’s kind of this virtuous cycle. ”

“Ultimately if you want to grow as a small business – if you want to acquire new customers, clients, patients, and you want to service them well, and have long-term fruitful relationships with them, then digital marketing should be part of your life.”

-Michael Mothner

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