It’s Saturday night and dozens of people are starting to stream into your restaurant for a bite to eat. Your staff are ready and everyone’s looking sharp… except Dave, who was supposed to be there 15 minutes ago. Turns out he didn’t realise he was meant to be working and is away for an epic skiing weekend. Awesome for him – not so much for you.

As a business owner, you’d be straight on the phone, trying to find a replacement for Dave. Having to bring someone in at short notice will probably cost you a bit more. It could even take you an hour or so to sort out, when you could be spending your time in better ways (like knitting socks for your cats).

If you’re really unlucky, you might not find a replacement at all. So, you’ll carry on with the staff you’ve got and hope for the best – but then a customer waits a little too long for garlic bread and before you know it, you’ve been slammed with a 3-star review on Facebook (hangry-ness is real, people).

So, what are the best ways to ensure your employees are aware of their roster?

1. Have a well organised roster system. You don’t want Dave to miss another shift or turn up for someone else’s. Make sure the roster is clear, so everyone knows what they’re doing.

2. Communicate your rosters to all staff. These days, sticking it up on a wall just won’t cut it. Hospitality workers are generally young, so you need to find a better way to reach them.

3. Keep a good record of upcoming leave. Know when people are going to be away and plan for their absence. (It also helps to block them on Facebook so you don’t have to see their holiday snaps.)

4. Get staff to acknowledge that they have read and understood the roster. Less confusion on both sides = winning!

5. Keep you and your employees happy by finding the right staffing balance. Being understaffed will lead to workers becoming burnt out. And being overstaffed won’t be good for your bank account.

Happy rostering!