Built for farmers - freeing up time for you to spend with your family

Cashmanager RURAL farm management software uses hard facts to help you synchronise your financial and farm management solutions.

Reports that speak your language

Cashmanager RURAL reporting is tailored to farming in a way traditional business accounting software cannot match.

Farmer Centric

Pre-set with sample codes for your style of farm, Cashmanager RURAL is easy to understand and manage. You can closely monitor your income and expenses and forecast cashflow in real time.

Simple planning

Turning your goals into a physical and financial plan you understand, believe and own is easy with Cashmanager RURAL.

Forecast Dairy Revenue

The online dairy forecaster lets you update the latest dairy prices with a single click. The impact of dairy price changes on annual revenue can be seen immediately.


Prepares GST quickly and easily allowing you to auto split transactions between private use with GST claimable and business use by a percentage.

Manage Livestock

Monitor your stock actions and create a budget for purchases, sales and other livestock movements and adjustments. You can also receive a year-end stock reconciliation at the click of a button.


Record all of your wage details including gross payments, tax, allowances and leave. Ideal for farmers who employ a few staff and don’t need a full payroll system.

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